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Trusted Gold Merchant in Melbourne – Best Value - Fast Cash

Looking for a trusted gold merchant in Melbourne to help you sell o de-clutter your gold pieces? Any type – condition or amount - Gold Digger Trading Co. is the place to go. We believe that rather than contributing to the chaos and clutter, your jewellery and precious metal should provide you with value to enjoy and support your beautiful lifestyle! We are an Australian-owned gold trader known for providing a trustworthy and dependable service to our valued clients. Indeed, our pricing strategies ensure that you will always get the highest rate for your precious metals of any kind. We are Melbourne's premium gold merchant dedicated to the art of gold trading and prospecting. Naturally, we provide an easy and secure way for our valued clients to sell their unwanted gold for instant cash - best prices. When you sell your gold to us, we use the most up-to-date valuation technologies to ensure you always get the greatest price possible.

Advanced XF technology for accurate purity testing and value

We follow a simple and transparent gold purity checking process. We complete the entire procedure in front of your eyes. Starting with an ultrasonic machine to remove dirt, we employ powerful XRF machines to evaluate gold purity and ensure that your precious metals do have the correct market valuation. We are Melbourne's best gold dealers, and we understand how to conduct dependable and trustworthy gold purity inspections to ensure customer satisfaction. Unlike typical Melbourne gold merchants, we maintain complete transparency throughout the entire process. The price of gold in Melbourne is determined by its market value. You can double-check to make sure you are getting paid for the right amount of gold. We examine the purity of your gold and give you the appropriate amount of money. We make certain that you are paid according to the current gold rate available in Melbourne!

What makes us the leading Gold Merchant in Melbourne?

Gold Digger Trading Co is Melbourne's most reliable gold buyer. Unlike traditional gold buyers who do not pay the right prices, we provide the real market value for your gold items.

100% accurate purity test

We carefully examine the purity of gold and provide you with an accurate price based on the weight of your gold.

Best rates for your gold

When you come to us to sell your gold for cash in Melbourne, we make sure you get the highest value.

We maintain transparent communication

From gold cleaning through to weight measurement and purity testing, we strive to keep the entire process as transparent as possible.

We purchase all types of gold

We buy all kinds of antique gold jewellery and other unwanted gold items based on the gold price.

Brand value

We are a reputed Melbourne's most reputed gold merchant and we can assure you that selling gold at Gold Digger Trading is the best decision you can make. Call us now and collect your gold rates today!