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Even if your gold or silver belongings are broken or damaged, we assure you of receiving a just and appropriate cash payment at the right price. Our customer-centric and competent group of employees will conduct a few simple tests to determine the purity of the item to help you with the most competitive price for the same. They will then complete the transaction with you by paying in cash instantly for the item.

However, our services are not just restricted to buying gold or silver items. We cater to the needs of our valued customers in South Melbourne with an envious collection of gold, silver, and platinum jewellery, apart from elegant watches and coins.

We happen to buy all kinds of unwanted gold and silver items, irrespective of its state or condition – from broken jewellery, dental gold, gold coins, and silver coins to gold nuggets, silver nuggets, bullion bars, scrap gold, and more. We have earned the tag of the leading precious metal traders by building on the trust bestowed upon us by innumerable delighted clients.

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