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If you are cash-strapped and looking for an easy way out, selling gold will put you in a good place instantly. Sell gold in Melbourne if you are looking for instant cash and premium value for your gold items. Get perfect value for all your gold items as we understand your needs and have a long running reputation in the market. Known as a trustworthy agency, we have no hidden costs or charges. At Gold Digger Trading Co, we provide you with the highest price as you choose us to sell all your gold items. If you want to sell your gold jewellery, gold bars, coins or any gold item be assured of getting the best market prices from us. Our promises ensure a value addition for your gold selling efforts.

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If you want to sell gold in Melbourne, then you need is to do pick up a leading business house like ours. We pay you in cash for all gold items you plan to sell in Melbourne.  If you are targeting for a high price as per the current market value for gold, you have hit the right place. We will guide you to a value-based transaction as we assure you a higher price than most of our competitors in the gold market.

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We claim to provide the best returns in cash for your gold. Now you get to sell gold in Melbourne with your best possible returns in hand. Our gold appraisals are the best in the business (read 100% accurate!). We deliver hawk-eyed analyses of all gold items sold at our agency. We boast of topnotch XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) machines that bring our best gold purity tests. 

Our clients return home with the biggest smiles in town, all thanks to our latest technologies in use that determine the very best in accuracy and purity of gold in terms of quality and appraisal. 

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